Increased security

Security Service Center

Improve your cyber resilience

Cyberattackers will continually be one step ahead of the businesses they target every day, subjecting them to billions of attacks per day.

What could be more logical, since it is their full-time job?… But although the cybercrime market is more lucrative than drug trafficking on a global scale, there is no reason to suffer attacks without defending yourself. And this is where Exaprobe comes in. For you. Daily.

Go4Secu is a cybersecurity offer, 100% Cloud-based, which provides our customers with a team of 20 highly qualified cyber analysts, to establish, supervise, and operate your security, while you focus on your business. In the event of a proven attack, we are also present to intervene as quickly as possible and thus avoid any interruption of service, or even production incident.

The objectives of Managed Services

Dedicated team


    • Provision of a team specialized in incident response
    • Advanced knowledge of attack patterns and offensive security techniques

    1 hour Response Time

      • Depending on the threat, a proposal for a remediation plan is made within 60 minutes

      • 24/7 remediation assistance in the event of a proven attack (elimination of false positives)

        Removing the burden from your internal teams

        • Saving time and reaction for the daily management of the security of your information system
        • Continuous monitoring of new solutions
        • Cost control related to cybersecurity: No additional cost in the event of remediation

          The 4 Modular 100% Cloud-based Offers


          Endpoint Protection

          • EDR and/or EPP
          • Enrichment of logs on Threat Intel databases
          • XSOAR Orchestration Console
          • MTTD 2 mins / MTTR 60 mins
          • 24/7 Remediation Support



          Securing mail flows

          • URL filtering
          • Antispam
          • Sandboxing
          • Fraud to the president “CXO Fraud”



          Securing web browsing

          • DNS Filtering
          • Web proxy with SSL decryption
          • Firewalling
          • Mobile users protection



          Privileged Access Management

          • Administration stronghold
          • Access control
          • Password Vault
          • Logs processing and storage

          For all or part of the selected modules, the Go4Secu service provides protection, monitoring, remediation and governance:

          Incident response, 24/7 remediation assistance, 20 specialized analysts, price per license operated, from integration to remediation

          If you want to know more about our Go4Secu offer, make an appointment with one of our experts