Seamless Security

The efficiency of seamless security

IS security should not hold back your business development but should adapt to allow you to integrate new uses without creating new risks.



Protecting infrastructures, the network, the messaging system, web browsing, applications, remote access



User protection, device safeguarding: work stations, server, tablets, smartphones



Protecting information capital, mapping, traceability, data encryption and governance,
accounts and access

Cas clients

An association of districts


  • Data consolidation in 27 information systems
  • Reduction of governance costs
  • Simplification of the administrative process


  • Design of the Varonis solution
  • Mapping of data according to area of specialization


  • Transformation of a technical issue into a professional strategy


A mutual insurance company

Client project:

  • Outsourcing of information system security
  • 300 users


  • Implementation of a POC appropriate for the context and the client SLA
  • The STARC solution for IronMail et Detect detected security incidents reactively and retrospectively
  • Introducing the concept of ‘increased security’ enabled Exaprobe to be unique


  • Significant reduction of SPAM received by users
  • The Starc service center enables the client to focus on business and matters of operational importance
  • Improvement of piloting of security incident prevention


« Security concerns need no longer hold back uses. Safeguarding must be adapted to support the user, wherever he or she may be, and whatever the devise and corresponding application. Seamless security enables optimal protection to hedge against increasingly sophisticated attacks.

It is vital that companies consider security from a global perspective. This requires interconnected solutions with new-generation analytical ability that is behavior-specific rather than being the result of static analysis as was traditionally the case. »

Sylvain Crétin-Maitenaz

Security Expert, Exaprobe