Our identity

Our Vision

We are at the center of a digital revolution: Transformation to enable progress is a race against time. Digitalization affects everything and calls everything into question. We must act fast and exceed expectations to respond to the 4 major concerns of our clients.

New uses

Individual uses, digitalization of work spaces and new collective practices have an impact on the very ways in which information systems are conceived.

Cyber threats

The almost exponential development of criminal or accidental threats, means that companies are running unprecedented levels of risk.


The proliferation of devices, connected objects and applications requires networks and infrastructures to be continually reinvented.


The intensification of regulatory and conformity requirements has led to new challenges, requiring organizations to be increasingly adaptable.

Our Mission

We support our clients along each step of their digital journey. For each project, we work together, blending action, innovation and experience.


Let’s move forward faster to avoid constraints, let’s go further to give freedom, agility and the floor to the users. Let’s react quickly, making decisions together and deploying solutions effectively, allowing you, our clients, to really get ahead.


With increasing complexity, technologies enable a range of new opportunities. Let’s see what’s possible, define best practices, and carefully weigh up options to get the best out of digital innovation and move your company forward.


Digital transformation, a challenge for today and for tomorrow. The process is gathering momentum and is unlikely to slow down or stop. Let’s define together where things are going, anticipate the different steps and together take the best path for an exciting digital adventure.

Our Commitment

Four vital keys for understanding our client projects. Four reference points that keep each project on track with our expectations of quality.


Reflect on the objectives for economic and organizational performance so that digitalization provides a competitive edge.

User experience

Initiate each project with the aim of improving user experience so that technology serves the user.


Make safeguarding information systems and users and absolute priority for each development or transformation project.


Make agile innovation the starting point for sustainable investment and increase the reactivity of information systems.

Our story


Creation of Exaprobe


National Development


Exaprobe is integrated into the Econocom group


Acquisition of Cap Synergy & Comiris


Acquisition of Aciernet


International development